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Abstract and close up (10 files)

Intriguing images produced from merging multiple pictures which have the effect of freezing time. Many images start life as a black and white neagtive and are colourised others bring together unrelated subjects in an unusual fusion.
 White petals, red flower 
 Keywords: flower, petal, y shape, abstract, red, white, wallpaper, secret, peeping, mysterious, sensual
 Milk drop cown 
 Keywords: drop, milk, crown, curve, plate, white, explosive, cream, macro, close up, splash
 Drop of milk and coffee interacting forming pillar of fluid 
 Keywords: drop, milk, coffee, brown, white, blob, pillar, close up, macro, fluid
 Pattern of ripples in milk following drop of milk entering the fluid 
 Keywords: milk, pattern, drops, ripples, surface, white, chaos, macro, bizarre, holes
 Drop of milk falling into coffee in a cup 
 Keywords: Coffee, cup, milk, blob, drop, turbulent, black, white, pillar, drink, macro, flash, surface, ripples
 Biosensor cell 
 Keywords: white cells, biosensor, abstract, black background, biology, science, monitoring, receptors, cell surface
 Milk droplet falling into coffee forming crater 
 Keywords: coffee, milk, drops, splash, surreal, blob, brown, crater, close up, white background, smooth, reflection
 Milk drop in coffee 
 Keywords: coffee, milk, drops, splash, surreal, blob, brown, close up, white background, smooth, reflection
 Turbulent coffee surface after milk drop 
 Keywords: coffee, milk, drops, splash, surreal, blob, brown, close up, turbulent, white background, smooth, reflection
 White cell biosensor 
 Keywords: biosensor, cell, white cell, biosensing, electrodes, cell surface, membrane, Jurkat cell

Abstract and close up > Abstract (2 files)

These images are inspired and produced from photographs of moving objects
 Red and white cross 
 Keywords: streaks, white, red, cross, lights, abstract, motion, vivid, intersect, tracks,
 Petal margin of sweetpea 
 Keywords: petal, margin, white, purple, flower, droplet, background, relaxing, tranquil, close up, macro, plant

Natural World > Flora (6 files)

Images from the plant kingdom showing colour, shape and beauty often overlooked
450D 09331 
 Petal veins 
 Keywords: sweet pea, abstarct, petals, coloured, veins, white
7D 06221 1 
 White Lily stamen and pollen 
 Keywords: Lily, white flower, stamen, pollen
 Orchid, Phalaenopsis, close up 
 Keywords: Orchid, Phalaenopsis, close up, flower, yellow, petals, white, spotted
 Close up of Lithops flower, yellow centre and white petals 
 Keywords: White, lithops, flower, yellow, stamen,
 White lily petals with blurred stamen 
 Keywords: white petals, white, lily, blurred back ground
 Red rimedWhite petals with red rim forming a "y" shape 
 Keywords: white petal, red rim, y shape, abstarct, fine line, red line, white background

Natural World > Landscapes (2 files)

These images capture shape and form of the natural landscape that has been modified over the years by weather and upheaval
IMG 1510 
 Windmill roof 
 Keywords: blue sky, windmill, sails, white roof, Norfolk
 Stream flowing through rocky gorge 
 Keywords: stream, water, flowing, rocks, strong, black and white, bold, hard, high contrast,

Natural World > Wildlife (1 file)

Images from the animal kingdom
 White Lion, 
 Keywords: Panthera leo, lion, white lion, eyes, wild cat, backlit, regal, king of the jungle, magestic

Scientific and engineering (4 files)

Images of a scientific and technical nature showing instrumentation and images of cameras. Strong use of macro photography to bring out the overlooked form and design of man made objects.
 Red and blue cables and electrical plugs 
 Keywords: Electricity, power, cables, red, blue, white background, electronics, electrical, lead, science, technical
 Lucky number six on die 
 Keywords: Luck, die, dice, six, three, two, white, fortune, roll, balance
 Light Red Wine in tall stem glass 
 Keywords: red, wine, glass, white, bubble, white background, drink, liquid, bright
MT06295 1 
 Depth of focus dial on a old fold out camera 
 Keywords: depth of focus, old camera, metal dial, f numbers, distance, feet, metal dial, fold out camera, infinity,metal,f8, f5.6, f3.5, white

Street life (5 files)

Where we live is a vibrant and dynamic environment and these images aim to capture the effort of man to provide a unique habitat and to capture the interaction of people with their surroundings, their mood and thought. The Images often use using high contrast black and white and other multi-image techniques to bring out the beauty and mystery of a particular location.
 BMX bikes and boys in city 
 Keywords: BMX, cityscape, boys, bikes, black and white
 Towering crane 
 Keywords: crane, hook, industrial, rivits, chain, steel, girders, tower, white background
 Bristol Italian Motor Show, line of Benelli motor bikes 
 Keywords: cars, Italian, street views, motor bikes, Benelli, colourful, wetdays, rain, red, green, white
 Bristol Italian Motor Show, detail of pop up headlight 
 Keywords: cars, Italian, rally car, popup lights, colourful, wetdays, rain, green, white
 View of tourist through archway, high contrast black and white image 
 Keywords: castle, tourist, black and white, arch, trees

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