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Images of a scientific and technical nature showing instrumentation and images of cameras. Strong use of macro photography to bring out the overlooked form and design of man made objects.
7D 06328 1 
 f5.6 - close up of apperature selection ring on fold out camera 
 Keywords: old, camera, camera, fold out camera, f number, f 5.6, apperature, lens
7D 06338 1 
 Folding camera from the 1950's - Selfix 
 Keywords: old camera, folding camera, rangefinder, Ross Ensign Selfix 12-20, Selfix, medium format
 View finder on camera with portrait of young man 
 Keywords: camera, viewfinder, old camera, hot-shoe, picture-taking, silver, old camera
MT06295 1 
 Depth of focus dial on a old fold out camera 
 Keywords: depth of focus, old camera, metal dial, f numbers, distance, feet, metal dial, fold out camera, infinity,metal,f8, f5.6, f3.5, white
 Front view of old camera 
 Keywords: Shutter speed, old camera, fold out camera, numbers, speed, close up, seconds, silver, light, image

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